Keto for the Extreme Physique Culture

Don’t Go It Alone!

This Tune-Up is for Bodybuilders, Physique Competitors, Intense Lifters, or Any Hard-Training Person Wanting to Dial In with Our KGB Protocol.

This unique consultation combines Rob’s 23 years of professional training and his knowledge of ketogenic nutrition and synergistically combines the two for the ultimate performance advantage. Rob Goodwin is one of the industries pioneers in bridging the gap between hard, intense resistance training and a ketogenic diet.

You Will Learn:
+ How to dial in your macros to build muscle on a ketogenic protocol.
+ How to tweak your training and nutrition as an endurance athlete to create the ultimate advantage.
+ How to build your ultimate lean muscular “High-Performance” body combining intense training and a “Primal-keto” diet.
+ How to periodize a “Gain phase” and “Cutting phase”.
+ Strategies for getting lean while preserving lean muscle.
+ How “Bodybuilding” keto differs from standard keto.
+ Answers to all your questions.

Tune-Up Prerequisites
For this program, it is requested that you know your estimated Bodyfat percentage and a basic understanding of macros tracking.

Let Rob Walk You Step-By-Step Through His Seven KGB Prime Directives And Get You Dialed In!

Limited Time Offer $79 (Regular Price: $129)

This 1-hour, one-on-one “Tune-up” is for the Bodybuilder (competitive and amateur), physique competitor, intense lifter, Crossfitter, Competitive endurance athlete, or any hard-training individual wanting to dial in their ketogenic nutrition protocol around their unique athletic needs and goals. In this consultation, we “turn the knobs” on calories, protein, and fat to accomplish the ideal protocol to fit your goals, training, and output.

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  • Price: $79.00