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So I took the plunge and signed up for “In the Trenches”. If you haven’t you are literally just throwing away valuable information. From all the workouts to the nutritional help, it’s the best $7 you will ever spend. I feel like I have been spinning my tires lately with my workouts, but after using the online workouts this past week, I can’t wait to see the results. Who would have thought there was something out there that cost less than a Planet Fitness membership, that can actually get you fit! Seriously, sign up, right now.



In The Trenches is exactly what I need and I know will work for so many others. You can work out for years and get stuck on the same ol same ol… I LOVE the videos to the workouts. Funny how you hear the same exercise called by different names so the videos really help. Rob Goodwin thank you soooo much for being willing to take the time to put this out there. I cannot wait to try them! And, I agree with the previous post – more rants would be great! I love the rants!!



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