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Until I hired Rob Goodwin I can honestly say not only has he exceeds my expectations, I havent met a trainer in person who does what this guys does.
I’m living proof.

Ken, Client, Boston

For those on the fence about whether to hire Rob as a coach, I thought I might take a moment to share my experiences working with Rob so far. For context, I myself am a physique coach and spent MANY hours trawling through hundreds of potential coaches to assist me with my upcoming contest prep. I mention this only because, I have a pretty high expectation on coaches I work with and frankly, prior to working with rob, I have not ever found one I thought was up to my own exacting standards. So far working with Rob Goodwin has been outstanding. My initial interview, I found rob funny, knowledgeable approachable yet stern enough to inspire confidence in me that he could deal with my comp brain BS when it came to crunch time. The nutrition program I received from rob, was anything but cookie cutter. I could tell from the outset that he had actually listened to my preferences and previous dietary habits and molded what I was doing into what I needed to do to achieve my goals. I have yet to have a single work out that both didn’t destroy my soul when I read it pre-workout, kicked my ass throughout the session but then rewarded me when I finished it. Trust me when I say that Rob makes me earn my calories! I have only been working with Rob a short time comparative to some of his clients, however I am very comfortable giving him an unreserved recommendation. If you are feeling lost at any point or even just want someone in your corner to give you an approving nod, a firm pat on the butt and a much firmer kick (when required), whilst still providing scientifically sound guidance, you would be silly in my opinion to go to anyone else. Ella, Client, Client, Australia

Single mom of 3 kids (twins too) here. I never imagined I’d have a “normal” belly again. I had given up for years and just made myself believe that I just accepted who I was…you know…the “self-love” bullshit. Rob Goodwin has given me my life and confidence back. This is just the beginning.
For those wanting to know how to make your life EASIER, hire him!! He tells you what to do, you just have to do it!! Can’t get any easier than that. Amelie, Client, Quebec, Canada

I am an online client of Rob Goodwin, and working with Rob has transformed my body. I’ve always worked out, sometimes harder than others, (depending on life, family and career) but Rob’s understanding of an individual’s goals, abilities, needs and limitations makes him uniquely suited to deliver the best possible training, nutritional guidance and support of any coach I have ever had the privilege of working with. I am now 6 days out of the gym recovering from surgery and Rob will have to help me through my “special needs” when I come back. Hey, he even helps quiet the shit storm that’s going on in my head and comes back with calm encouragement! That is worth its weight in gold. Lynn, Client, Colorado

Coming back to lifting again after almost 30 years seemed almost out of reach for me. I have limited equipment in my basement and Rob makes it work! I’m 52 and will be doing a physique competition this fall after being completely out of shape and drinking beer for the last 30 years😂❣️ Years ago I was even a trainer myself but I didn’t want to try to do this alone! I couldn’t be happier to have someone holding me accountable and holding my hand thru this process! Rob rocks❣️ -Barbara, Client, Illinois

Rob Goodwin’s knowledge is mind blowing! This guy will help you get to the next level/chapter in your journey. Jamie, Client, Missouri

I just hired Rob as my coach…doing my first show in November the weekend after I turn 40!!   Rob Goodwin has already exceeded my expectations and sparked more fire under my ass than I already had!!!!  His words of motivation and obvious knowledge of this game are priceless!!   So excited for the journey ahead!!  I know I can do this with him on my team!! Missy. Client, New Hampshire

Rob Goodwin is the shit!!! I’m so happy I didn’t overthink it and just went for it! I’m only 3 workouts in with him and starting new macros tomorrow but I’ve found my rebirth in the gym, I’m excited to lift again. It’s been an outstanding experience from the start! I highly encourage anyone to hire him now!! Stacy, Client, Pennsylvania

Thank you, Rob Goodwin,! I did a 90 min. consultation with Rob yesterday and it was one of the most gratifying 90 mins. of my life. It occurred to me if I were going to have heart surgery, I would find the guy who does this multiple times a day, everyday. Not the doc who does maybe 6 a month. There are times in our lives it is more appropriate to benefit from the knowledge, experience and expertise of someone who knows their field intimately and it is their passion in life. Rob is that person! It was clear to me immediately that Rob meets each client where they are currently, in their fitness goals and diet, to develop a plan that is uniquely theirs. I’ve wasted more money on a bad meal out than Rob charges for invaluable information from his many years of training, coaching and personal experience. I can’t encourage you strongly enough to seek his guidance if you are new and just starting out; or, if like me, needed my program to be fine-tuned, my diet dialed in and my goals considered in achieving what I want to achieve. Thank you so much Rob and I look forward to continuing to work with you. Lynn, Client, Colorado

“Today I slayed my dragon!!! 5 months ago, this Aussie Girl decided to back herself & at over 50 years of age I committed to train for my first bodybuilding comp. After extensive research, desperate to do it the keto way & knowing that to be the best I needed the best, I found the ultimate: Rob Goodwin. I applied & unbelievably he took me on. We connected; I was in awe & he gained my immediate trust & Rob Goodwin tailored my program to my unique needs. I love his no-nonsense, high expectation, “take no prisoners” approach. The results: Rob has been able to produce are beyond my wildest dreams. I have loved every step & I had won more than I could ever have wished way before today’s comp. The best part; With Rob Goodwin in my corner I see today as my beginning & I can’t wait to compete again in March 2020. What a mind-blowing blast. Online Training works!! Especially the way Rob does it. I highly encourage you to become a client today!!” Tracy, Client. Australia

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